April 2015 Goals

2 April 2015

So. Last month I warned (myself) that March would be a really busy month. And indeed it was. But you know what? I killed it!!

I just attended Making Things Happen, and one of the first exercises we do is to answer the question, “how are you feeling?” Instead of writing “stressed” or “frazzled,” I wrote “confident” and “empowered.” Basically, the last three weeks were a super-charged version of the life I want to live: spending time with family, spending time with friends, being outside, experiencing new things, doing really great work that I can be proud of, using our home as it was meant to be used, and honoring a wonderful friend. That’s the good stuff, my friends. The only thing that fell a bit to the wayside was blogging, which I’m sad about – but there’s always April!


Friends, I am astonished that I accomplished as much as I did from my March goal list
Touch up paint on our front door
Add a bench to our foyer
Frame and hang more art downstairs
Finish planning and host a really wonderful shower
Add cafe curtains in the dining room (nope)

Goals for April:
— Rehabilitate my passed-down luggage rack (I already bought the trim!)
— Build flower bed along our back fence
— Invite two friends to do things with us
— Buy an exercise ball for sitting on (sometimes) at work
— Set new daily habits and get back into the daily habit habit :)

If you’ve posted your goals somewhere, I’d love to see – or just drop them in the comments!