Recent project

23 November 2010

Thought I’d share one of the projects I’ve been working on for Tara, an Etsy customer who’s getting married next April. They’re based on a craft from one of my favorite weddings, that of Max and Margaux, designed by the inimitable Ashley Meaders. The little felt hearts are tres cute, no?

If you’re interested in working together on a custom project, I’m all ears! Take a look at my Etsy store or just shoot me an email at peachandpearl at ymail dot com.

Board No. 79: Jewel Tone Thanksgiving

22 November 2010

{Click to enlarge!}

Thanksgiving is this Thursday!! So many things to be excited about: seeing family, a short work week, delicious food, a chance to make a pretty table setting, and an opportunity to stop and give thanks. This board encapsulates most of that for me, with a color palette inspired by lovely Eddie Ross centerpieces!

The Details
First row, left to right: centerpiece from Woman’s Day by Eddie Ross, turkey with sausage pecan stuffing from Martha Stewart, pomegranate dessert photo by mimmo+naz via Style Me Pretty

Second row: radish photo by Andreas Photo via SMP, holiday outfit from Real Simple

Third row: chocolate ganache tart from Martha Stewart, pecan pie from Martha Stewart, centerpiece from Woman’s Day by Eddie Ross

Christmas CD Swap!

19 November 2010

As a preface, I must admit I am embarrassingly excited about this announcement, so bear with me!

There are a lot of swaps in the blogosphere at Christmas time, and, having participated in quite a few, I can vouch for the fact that they’re quite fun! I’ve participated in both Southern Weddings‘ ornament swap and Brooklyn Bride’s card swap in the past.

What I haven’t seen is a Christmas CD swap! And, as an intense lover of Christmas music (though never before Thanksgiving, for sure), I felt compelled to organize my own. Want to participate? Please say yes!

If you’d like to join in, send an email to peachandpearl at ymail dot com with “Christmas CD Swap” in the subject line by Friday, November 26 (the day after Thanksgiving). Include your name, address, email address, and website/blog address, if you have one. Feel free to spread the Christmas music joy to friends and family — I want as many people to participate as possible!

By Wednesday, December 1, I will have emailed you the names and addresses of up to 4 people to swap custom mixes with. Traditional, indie, peppy, or pop selections — the choice is up to you! I’m sure I don’t have to say this to all you sweet and lovely readers, but let’s keep the lyrics clean!

All CDs should be mailed out by Wednesday, December 8, giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy their holiday tunes before the new year.

A final note: please don’t sign up if you don’t intend to follow through! That would make me and your swap partners very sad.

Any questions? Leave them below or shoot me an email! Eeeeeee I’m so excited!!!

Toms shoes

18 November 2010

Took me long enough, but I’m ready to get on the Toms bandwagon. Granted, it’s a pretty good bandwagon to get on: for every pair of shoes purchased, Toms will donate a pair of new shoes to a child in need. The only decision left? Which color to buy.

Should I go glam, with either the gold herringbone or gold glitter?

Or should I go more basic, with either the navy or ash?

Thoughts? Do you have a pair of Toms? Do you like them?