K + C Get Married: The Film

17 September 2010

Kate and Cormac Get Married from Emily Ayer on Vimeo.

I feel terrible for holding out on you for so long, but here’s the video John and I put together for Kate and Cormac’s wedding. It was definitely a labor of love (20+ hours to edit), but it was one of those things where once we started, we almost couldn’t stop until we finished it!

It takes you through our whole week in Maine, from loading everything onto the Island, to lots of preparations, to the wharf jumping, the welcome dinner, and finally, the wedding day. I hope you enjoy, and that it only whets your appetite for much for to come!

Dark August

17 September 2010

{via flickr}

So much rain, so much life like the swollen sky
of this black August. My sister, the sun,
broods in her yellow room and won’t come out.

Everything goes to hell; the mountains fume
like a kettle, rivers overrun; still,
she will not rise and turn off the rain.

She is in her room, fondling old things,
my poems, turning her album. Even if thunder falls
like a crash of plates from the sky,

she does not come out.
Don’t you know I love you but am hopeless
at fixing the rain? But I am learning slowly

to love the dark days, the steaming hills,
the air with gossiping mosquitoes,
and to sip the medicine of bitterness,

so that when you emerge, my sister,
parting the beads of the rain,
with your forehead of flowers and eyes of forgiveness,

all will not be as it was, but it will be true
(you see they will not let me love
as I want), because, my sister, then

I would have learnt to love black days like bright ones,
the black rain, the white hills, when once
I loved only my happiness and you.

–Derek Walcott

The Ribbonerie

15 September 2010

{via The Purl Bee}

The Ribbonerie bills itself as “the ultimate ribbon store,” and I have to say, I think I agree. They’re based in San Francisco, and any of you lucky enough to live nearby should make a visit immediately. Happily, they will sell you ribbon over the phone if you don’t. I was on a mad hunt for coral ribbon for a Peach & Pearl project and was coming up empty-handed in my usual haunts. Then I saw these color options:

And that’s just for satin ribbon. Hallelujah! The ordering process was quick and easy, and I would highly recommend! What’s your favorite ribbon source?